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  • Outages & Advisories: We will post water outages, advisories and notices that could affect your service. To check for activity in your area, Click here » 
  • August 21, 2016 - All of us at Baton Rouge Water Company are deeply saddened and heartbroken by the recent devastation caused by the flood, but one thing is certain, we are grateful for each other. And thanks to our exceptional employees, once again we kept clean, safe water flowing to you. Read more »
  • Sewer Department: Baton Rouge Water Customers' water / sewer bills can also be paid at the Sewer Department at 1100 Laurel Street (map). All issues with the sewer portion of your bill can only be handled by the Sewer office at 225-389-5378. Missed garbage pick up requests can be made by dialing 3-1-1.
  • Management Innovation Award - First Prize, Regulated Utilities: Baton Rouge's "Rolling on the River" earned the 2011 NAWC award for use of Segways to alleviate meter readers' driving between meters in company vehicles. Read more »

Understanding Your Bill

We want to make reading your bill as easy as possible and clear up any confusion. Take a moment to read this explanation of your bill so that you know each important part of your bill. From due date to account number, it's all explained right here. 

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How to Read Your Meter

Reading your meter may seem complicated but it's not. Choose your water company and we can show you your meter and how to read it.

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